Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A win: Summer Run @ Port Stephens

First place, Summer Run.
The Summer Run, held on Saturday 11 February, was an excuse to get away to Shoal Bay - a place that's been a favourite of mine since I was young. My cousins lived there for years and we visited often enough for the place to feel comfortable and familiar - it's kind of like that worn old t-shirt that you've owned for years that you always pull out when you want to feel relaxed and at peace with yourself. 

We had a third traveller with us on this trip - Deek, our 18 month old rottweiler. We've never taken him anywhere with us before, and we're certainly not one of those couples who treat their dog like a child, but we know he likes to swim and because we were staying in a friend's holiday house we thought we may as well take him on a road trip. I have to admit, it was pretty funny. 

Road trip.

The run was just under 13k (it varied depending on who you spoke to), keeping with my new found commitment to running some shorter races this year. It wasn't an easy one. Sand, grass, gravel, concrete, dirt, stairs... it was all there. The sand was undoubtedly the worst part. I felt as though I may as well have been walking. It was a relief to leave the beach and start running on solid ground - I could almost hear the Astro Boy rocket noise as I began to pick up the pace! Apart from the sand it was a really enjoyable race, with beautiful views the whole way. It was run in conjunction with an adventure race, which incorporated a swim, mountain bike, kayak and run. If the bike had been on-road and not mountain I would have entered, but me on a mountain bike will only end in disaster. 

I finished first woman, and third person overall, so it was a good day. After the race hubby and I did a 40 minute run together so I could add on a few more kilometres and I felt pretty good, which made me think I should have pushed harder while racing.

Later in the day the sun was out in full force, so we kicked around at the beach for a while before going to the presentation at Shoal Bay Resort. The food looked good, so we decided to go back there for dinner - a great decision. Nice food at fabulous prices, and just 300m from where we were staying. It was a really great night. I love spending time with my man. 

Most of the next day was spent at the beach, where I tried to work out how we could afford to buy a holiday place up there. The sums haven't added up yet, but I'm still working on it!

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  1. Congratulations on your win, and on beating most of the guys too. Sounds like a nice place for a race.