Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Beautiful Byron Bay

We've just returned from a near perfect break at Byron Bay - it was exactly what we needed to wind down and relax before the working year (and all its pressures) kicks off.

We stayed at The Byron at Byron and we had high hopes, which can always be a bit dangerous. However, from the moment we arrived at the indoor/outdoor reception area and were greeted by staff that somehow managed to combine being laid back and friendly with being highly attentive and professional, we knew we were on to a good thing. 

The place was gorgeous. Set amidst a rainforest with boardwalks linking the different areas of the resort, it was so beautiful and relaxing.  It reminded me a lot of some of the resorts in Bali, except for the very authentic (and lovely) 'Aussie' vibe from the staff.  It was such a good place to chill out, and to be honest, we would have been happy if we'd not ventured beyond the resort for the entire time we were there. 

But venture we did and, despite lots of rain, we had a great time. Sea kayaking was a new experience, and one that my poor prone-to-motion-sickness husband wasn't too keen on! The swell was huge and he ended up throwing up a few times. 

Sea Kayaking.

We hit a lot of different beaches and spent a great (and sunny!) afternoon swimming at Wategos. If anyone living in that area needs a house sitter (or a housekeeper or a gardener or a pool cleaner...) I'd be happy to oblige! 

Had some beautiful runs - up to the lighthouse a few times, along beaches and just exploring Byron. The resort had a 25m pool, so one afternoon I was able to clock up a few laps while my husband took advantage of happy hour on the poolside deck. A free yoga class was held each morning overlooking the rainforest, so I went along to that one morning and, much to my surprise, I really enjoyed it. I tried yoga many years ago and I hated it - I couldn't concentrate, I didn't like the woman talking about "this massages this internal organ", and I couldn't relax. However after the experience at Byron,  I'd really like to learn more about it. I'm sure there are places I can practice locally and I'm going to have a look around and ask a few friends if they know somewhere good. 

In all, it was a brilliant week away. Loved it. 

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