Saturday, October 12, 2013

Let's do this

Apologies if this post looks odd. Im posting from my phone and Blogger is misbehaving.

I arrived in Melbourne yesterday after an 'interesting' flight on Jetstar that was late and also included a snotty nosed woman sneezing all over me twice. Nice.

Sorted out my bib in the afternoon (my original number, 8, never arrived in the post so I'm now 222. If anyone sees a runner wearing number 8 it'll be my postman!).

Drinks dropped in today followed by an athlete briefing. Short wonder through a few laneways for some shopping then back to the hotel to chill.

How am I feeling about tomorrow? Grateful that I am here at all, given the year I've had. Prepared, although I know my training has been cautious to prevent the injury coming back. Hopeful of hitting my target time. I would love to run sub-2:50. It's what I'm aiming for and it would make my year if I can do it. I know some people don't like to publicly state their goal - I don't always do it - but part of me is so relieved I am back racing strongly again that I'm not going to feel like a complete failure if I miss the goal and everyone knows it. Of course I'd be disappointed and I'm going to give it every single thing I've got - I desperately want it - but I feel OK with letting people know what I'm chasing.

It's a pretty obvious goal anyway. Everyone wants to slip down into the next time bracket don't they?!

The weather isn't looking great for tomorrow. The wind is my biggest worry so if it picks up as expected I'm hoping there will be a few of us together and we can work as a group. Hail is also on the cards although later in the day.

That's it from me for now. All the best to everyone running tomorrow, as well as my friends over in Kona for Ironman world champs.

Let's do this.

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