Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Glandular Fever-ville - Population: Me.

Yep, that's right. Glandular Fever.

I have been wiped out. I am over the worst of it now and luckily it wasn't a severe case, but I am still so, so tired. Running exhausts me which obviously means my training for the Canberra Marathon in April is completely off track.

I am so disappointed. I don't want to go into Canberra under-prepared and the long runs have not been done, which will inevitably lead to a melt down in the latter stages of the race. I've avoided writing about it on my blog because I was kinda hoping it would quietly pack itself up and disappear. 'No, no!' say the blood tests (I've had two lots of tests now, the first back in February) - GF is in your system. Deal with it. 

From the many people I've spoken to, this fatigue can last for a long time and I'm really worried about it. I'm conscious that pushing too much will probably set me back, so I'm trying hard to find a balance at the moment - training that doesn't tire me out too much but still allows me to feel I have achieved something. 


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