Friday, March 30, 2012

Bad dog!

End of the working week - Phew. It's strange how the months go past so quickly, yet weeks sometimes seem to last an age.

Work has been hectic, with last minute jobs being thrown in that make it harder and harder to keep on schedule. I worked late tonight so I could clear something that's been hanging over my head and it feels good to have it done.

I was really tired today, but it was completely my own fault. We went to Evanescence last night and ended up having a super late one because we were so hyped after the show. It was worth it. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

This morning I woke up with a sharp pain in my lower back/butt region, which was obviously from my antics last night. I was a little worried but after a 1:45 session on the wind trainer it felt OK. Geeze I was sleepy on the bike! I knew I had a massive day of work so I launched myself into it head first, fueled by super-strong coffee. If I could have hooked up an intravenous drip to my coffee machine I would have done it.

I had a run scheduled for 5pm, but I was so close to getting the big job finished I just needed to keep going so it was done and out of my head. Unfortunately that means I missed my night session, which I feel shit about.

Did something a little crazy today - or, I should say, I almost did something a little crazy. Ironman Melbourne went on sale at 11am, and I found myself on the website, hitting 'Register' and waiting for my computer to try and beat the masses. Amazingly, I got through to the rego page. I put in all my details, sat looking at it for about 30 seconds, then shook my head and hit close. Found out later that it sold out in 4-and-a-half minutes, and now I'm thinking that may be the only time I'll get through to the registration page because these events are so huge now.

I would love the challenge of Ironman, but the training required to do it to the best of my ability scares me silly. It is all-consuming. I don't know if I could keep up that intensity and focus. It's something I'm thinking about more and more, despite my very, very limited triathlon experience and my lack of skill and strength on the bike.

This afternoon I went out to the back yard to clear my head and say 'hi' to Deek only to find my racing shoes, complete with SMC timing chip, chewed up. I don't know how he got them because I'm usually so careful not to leave them where he can get them. He'd obviously managed to get into the laundry somehow, because along with my shoes there was also clean laundry strewn across the grass. The chip is ruined, the shoes are salvageable. The dog is in trouble.

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