Sunday, July 8, 2012

A marathon, a half, a 10k and another half (catch up)

Yes, I've been away from the blog for a while. I'm sure you've been on the edge of your seat awaiting a new entry. Pfft.

For the sake of brevity, I won't bore you with all the details of the races in the title. Here's a quick run down...

With Magda Karimali-Poulos (winner) at the start.
Canberra Marathon - 15 April 2012
Yes, I ended up running. Yes, this may have had a lot to do with the fact that my bib had a name and not a number! Oh the little things that excite me.

Went out way too fast - first kilometre was under 3:40. Decided I'd run to how I felt, seeing as though my preparation had been far from ideal. Went through 10k in 39:10 - surprised, as this was about 40 seconds quicker than Melbourne.

The now-becoming-usual toilet break hit again - this time at 30k, and I was definitely starting to struggle by then. I was a bit worried that if I stopped my legs wouldn't get going again, so I made a deal with my body: "OK body, I'll let you stop and go to the loo as long as you are aware you still have 12km to run."

Got passed by two women whilst stopped, which gave me something to focus on and chase. Caught them.

The three hour bus then decided to make an appearance - these days it's a bit deflating to get caught by the bus, but given my preparation (or lack thereof) I made the best of it and jumped on board. Better to get on the bus than be run over by it.

Played a bit of catch-up-drop-back for the rest of the race - highlighting my characteristic very uneven pacing. Managed to pull it together at the end and scrape in under three hours - 2:59:25 and fifth woman home. Not bad for only three long runs since Australia Day and a bout of Glandular Fever.

SMC - 21.1k - 22 April 2012
Normally I would never run a half marathon the week after a full marathon, but I had to do this race in order to make up the required six races needed to qualify for the SMC awards at the end of the series. I figured a time of 90 minutes wouldn't damage the body whilst it was still trying to recover so that's what I did: 1:29:52. Lucky to get first female and the race (at that pace) didn't seem to hinder recovery.

Sydney 10 - 6 May 2012
Freaking out. This was to be the second 10k I've ever done (not including a 10k in the Nepean Tri) and this was a proper, accredited course without the horrid hills of the Balmain 10k last December, Still, keeping with my commitment of doing things that scare me, I headed down to Homebush ready to compete as a Hills athlete for the first time (swapped from Blue Mountains to Hills because Hills has more female distance runners so we could enter teams events).

Went out too hard. Surprise, surprise - I usually do.  By 5k I was ready to pack it in - it felt like a piano had dropped on my back. Finished in 37:44. Disappointed (and a little surprised) by this because it's only two seconds quicker than the 10k time from Nepean Tri. Maybe I only have one speed, or maybe I was still recovering from Canberra.

Happy to score bronze in the teams with my new Hills teammates! Yeah!

Before the SMH Half.
SMH Half Marathon - 20 May 2012
1:23:11 - three seconds slower than last year.

Third in F30-39 division and 12th woman overall. My splits were quicker than last year's until right near the end (although the course has changed again so that may not mean much).

Not disappointed with the time but not jumping for joy either. A solid enough run. And I had my name on my bib again (pic left), which made it all worthwhile!

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