Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ow, my bum

It's been a week since my second lot of PRP injections, and boy, has it been a long and difficult week.

Apparently I did too much after my injections last time so this time Dr Kuah said, very clearly, that I was not to run or ride for two weeks. I could swim but only if I used a pool buoy. He then wrote it all down and underlined the word 'STRICTLY' on it. He was serious.

The purpose of all this is to give the tendons the best possible chance to repair. It makes sense, but that doesn't mean it's easy.

Do you know that swimming using just your arms is boring? And slow?

To be honest, the main thing that has been hard to deal with isn't being told I can't ride or run - yes, that's not fun but I can see it has a purpose. The biggest hurdle I'm facing is coming to terms with everything I'm going to miss this year.

No Canberra Marathon. No SMH Half. No state road 10k. No SMC. No Woodford to Glenbrook (there goes the chance of winning five years in a row). Highly unlikely I'll be able to do M7 Cities Marathon.

It's a bummer alright and I spent quite a few days feeling really down in the dumps. And frustrated. And I probably wasn't the most fun person to be around. (Public apology to my husband and thanks to family who went on a 'cheer up Joh' campaign on Sunday).

Physically, I think the post-injection pain has been a little worse this time. I didn't bruise as much as the first time, but sitting in a car for more than 15 minutes really hurts it. When I'm working on my computer I move around a lot (the joy of laptops) so I'm constantly changing position. I joked with my husband that I think Dr Kuah must have done something different this time in order to stop me running too soon.

I'm back doing rehab exercises and my right side is responding really well - I actually think the right side might have been OK with only one injection. As for the left side, Dr Kuah said he feels it'll probably need a third injection in four weeks, but Brent (physio) will test things out before that date and we will decide from there.

I'm hoping it doesn't need another one so I can start getting into some proper (if modified) training. Another injection means more time spent doing nothing (OK, pool-buoy swimming). Having said that, I'm obviously going to do whatever Dr Kuah and Brent recommend. They're the experts, they've got a lot of experience with high hamstring tendinopathy and I've got a lot of confidence they're giving me the best treatment and advice.

Oh I miss running. Miss, miss, miss it so much.


  1. Hi...came upon your blog looking up PRP for HHT....I am a high level age group triathlete. I originally tore my tendon off my ischial tuberosity 15 yrs ago...long story short, I have gotten over and reflared said area 2 times since. Most recently in September after 4 pain free years. (10 yrs pain free before that). Each time equally as frustrating. I still have a tear (6mm) however appears "old" vs. newly inflamed but pain is still there . thought I would reach out to you if you want to "talk" to anyone. I know how frustrating it is. Have tried various things each time. What I had done is past is not working same this time. Sports doc said either live with it or PRP...I am not ready to do PRP yet, so live with it seems the option for now.
    Anyway, if you want to commiserate my email is
    And, I am also a Mizuno devotee....I am not an official brand ambassador, but I do get to test all shoes and get free stuff sent to me all the time from our local athlete sales rep. Love them ......

    1. Hi Elise - thanks for your message. I've been so surprised at the number of people who have found his blog by searching for treatment for HHT - there's a lot of us trying to find an answer.
      I'll definitely send you an email over the next few days so we can swap 'war stories'. I'm interested in finding out how you're managing to train and race with it because I guess there's a possibility that's going to be where I end up if these injections don't do their thing.
      Talk soon.

  2. Sure send an email anytime. I had been pretty much symptom free for the last 4 years after changing my run form to mid foot/forefoot and getting out of more stable shoes. However this time around, I am obviously already doing that. So I have not yet raced tri season with it, but did do a half marathon shortly after it happened in sept (about 3 weeks after). Training, it's frustrating as I hate to run with discomfort and not have an open stride etc, but I am thinking that it is now more of a sciatic nerve entrapment that is causing my issues vs. the tendon tear as the pain I get is not as localized and then after is not even in the tendon area. Anyway, we can chat whenever you want.