Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Another rehab video

Because I know lots of people have found this blog by searching for 'high hamstring tendinopathy' I thought it'd be worthwhile posting another one of the rehab/strengthening exercises I'm doing.

Because I'm not too keen on starring in my own video, I found this example on YouTube:

If you're a fellow HHT sufferer and you have any rehab, exercises or treatment you're finding is working, you're welcome to post a comment or send me an email at - I'll add it to the stuff I'm doing to try and get over this bastard of an injury and I'll share it with everyone else.

Currently my right side is feeling good but my left side played up in the last few minutes when I went for a 40 minute run yesterday. And I'm unfit. It's not a nice feeling.

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  1. Hello - quick question if you don't mind. How much discomfort did you have in your hamstrings before the PRP, and what was the progression after?

    I am not running right now - I was running a few miles every other day before PRP, and always had a dull burning in my left hamstring. I got PRP, and rested for the first 2 days (all on couch), then started back with swimming with a pull buoy for the next few days. 6 days later I started adding in normal swimming, and then after two weeks, I am now adding in some elliptical.

    However, I am still getting a mild persistent ache in my hammy/butt after doing these. I'm wondering if you had a similar experience.