Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mizuno blog

Being a Mizuno Brand Ambassador is, for me, a complete privilege. I have access to really great gear, I can get advice on different types of shoes from people who know their stuff, and I have the honour of being associated with a brand that's known for excellence.

Now, with the launch of Mizuno's new blog, I'm also able to share some of my experience, thoughts and knowledge with other runners. Hopefully some of what I say will interest or help others - but if not, I'm sure something one of the other athletes posts will.

Over the coming weeks and months Mizuno will add more posts to the blog with the aim of making it a comprehensive resource for runners of all levels. There are a few posts up there now, including this one I wrote on being a runner.

For so many years I felt like a fraud - someone who somehow managed to make people think I was a decent runner. I thought it was only a matter of time before people discovered I wasn't really a runner at all. Slowly, it dawned on me that I was a real runner - not because of the times I posted or the medals I won, but because I was dedicated to the sport and I loved it.

With this high hamstring tendinopathy slowly starting to work itself out, I'm able to run more often and I'm telling you, my mood has improved dramatically. I'm not running fast, I'm not training properly and I'm not racing but I am outside doing what I love to do.

You can read the Mizuno blog here:

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